My Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

The third trimester includes week 29 to 40+. It's considered a bit more hard going than the second, but not quite so bad as the first, for most people.

For me, the third trimester just gradually got a little tougher and you end up feeling pretty fed up by the last few weeks! My heartburn got a lot worse and I often felt sick on and off - usually a snack sorted this out. I also started to get more and more uncomfortable due to the size of my bump and certain everyday tasks such as putting socks on, having a shower or bending down to do cleaning, became rather difficult!

(photo 1: 30 weeks, photo 2: 32 weeks, photo 3: 33 weeks)

I went for three growth scans in total, as my bump was measuring large, yet baby was measuring between small-average at the scans. I always had a worry that I'd have my baby early, as all of my nieces were born early, ranging from 34-38 weeks! To achieve my "perfect birth plan" I needed to reach 37 weeks and remain on the low-risk, green pathway pregnancy. At 37+ weeks, you can give birth at the local community hospital in one of the two purpose-built delivery suites, complete with bed, birthing pool and en-suite facilities! I'd always dreamt of having a natural water birth and knew this environment would be calming and supportive.
(photo 4: 34 weeks, photo 5: 36 weeks, photo 6: 38 weeks)

I started maternity leave at around 35-36 weeks, which was a little earlier than I'd planned, but I was struggling with the physical side of my job and knew that my body was telling me to slow down. I was so excited to reach 37 weeks, but unfortunately this was when my body decided that it wasn't going to play ball and I developed mild hypertension (high blood pressure) and protein in my urine, both of which can lead to pre-eclampsia. Both were checked repeatedly and monitored closely. I was booked in for my third growth scan at Aberdeen City Maternity Hospital on the 4th of January and also had an appointment there at the day assessment clinic to get my BP checked again. My BP was still reading high and so they decided to start a prescription for blood pressure tablets. I was asked to be observed on one of the maternity wards that afternoon. Well, let's just say that this is basically where my third trimester journey ends and the birth story begins, which I will speak about in my next post!

Thanks for reading!
Emma xxx