My Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

The second trimester includes weeks 13 to 28 and is usually regarded as the easiest trimester of the three.

I definitely enjoyed the second trimester more than the first! The negative symptoms disappeared and the excitement of being pregnant fully kicked in. The only negative symptom I developed was occasional heartburn. I really enjoyed my growing baby bump and changing body! I only bought a couple of maternity clothing items such as everyday jeans and trousers for work. I found most maternity clothing was overpriced and instead opted for larger sizes.
(photo 1: 14 weeks, photo 3: 15 weeks, photo 4: 18 weeks, photo 6: 23 weeks)

During week 14, Ian and I got married! I managed to wear my wedding gown for most of the day but opted for a comfier Grecian-style dress for the evening reception! It was a long day and I was rather tired by the end of it, but it was really special and the most perfect day. We had so many comments from our guests about the laid-back, informal setting and what a nice change it was to the usual wedding!

We enjoyed a lovely mini-moon in Killin, Scotland and were spoilt with lovely weather and beautiful surroundings. Oh, and lovely food from the local eateries! I think I'll write a separate blog post about it.

I had more midwife appointments during the second trimester, including another set of blood tests - unfortunately not as easy as the first time around! It took three attempts to get blood out of me, but luckily it was the last time. I was dreading getting my vaccinations but am really proud of myself for getting both the Flu Jab and the Whooping Cough vaccines at the same time! Well let's be honest, labour and giving birth will be on a totally different level!

We had our gender scan at 19 weeks and brought along our Mums for this - everyone really enjoyed the experience and I'd highly recommend this service! We booked ours with Babybond Ultrasound Direct in Aberdeen and opted for the justGender 2D 10-minute scan. We held a little gender reveal party in September with the family which was fun - as much pink themed food as we could find!
(photo 1: 25 weeks - wearing Katie Piper Maternity Twist Dress, photo 2: 28 weeks)

I didn't enjoy the 20 week scan so much as it was very in-depth and took a good 45 minutes or more to get all the required measurements e.t.c. I became quite uncomfortable after lying there for such a long time and was pretty glad when it was over! Still, it was comforting to know that all was well with baby Bruce!

During the second trimester, my appetite fully returned and then some! I can't say I had any particular cravings, but I definitely developed a sudden love for chips with ketchup! And anything sweet!

I felt my baby's first movements around 19 weeks, which was just amazing! It's hard to explain, but it starts as little flutters and as time goes on, the movements get stronger and more frequent!

Speak soon,
Emma xxx
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  1. Another beautiful post Emma, thanks for sharing! Your wedding photos were stunning, you looked so fab!! You are glowing in all the photos shared. I love the idea of a laid-back, informal setting for the wedding, sounds just perfect. Congrats that it’s going to be a girl too, I’m so pleased for you. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the best for the New Year. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you Helen! I'll have to get a dedicated wedding day post up soon! Hope you're well xxx


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