Home Interiors, Anniversaries + Snow Days

Hello to my lovely readers! I hope you've enjoyed any snow days you may have had recently and not faced too many difficulties in this treacherous weather! We were snowed in for a few days and while it was nice to spend extra time together at home, the downside of my job is not getting paid for this unexpected time off, whether I had a choice or not. Luckily Ian's job is salaried.
We moved into Primrose Cottage on the 7th of January and it is very nearly completely renovated, with just a few little things left to finish. We are over the moon to be living in this dream location! Once we've fully completed the cottage, I will of course share our before and after progress photos.

With the cottage looking so good and with us slowly adding more home interior pieces to our home, I've become a little addicted to my @life_at_primrosecottage Instagram account! I'm hoping to slowly transition the blog onto that account completely, so I can focus on just one account, which will be much easier to manage. I'd recently been struggling with completing blog content on a regular basis and was so very close to giving up on it, but I had a change of heart and really want to continue blogging and introducing more content to my readers.
Ian and I are approaching our one year anniversary (7th March) and can't wait to celebrate! So much has happened in such a short space of time and we wouldn't change any of it! We are immensely happy and are continuing to plan for our future. We are looking forward to a week away near North Bewick at the end of the month - it will be great to chill out for a while! We're hoping to pop into Edinburgh on the train for some exploring (or shopping, haha).

Have you got any exciting plans or holidays coming up?
Emma xxx


  1. I love your lifestyle posts Emma, they are always a joy to read and your photos are so pretty. I’m excited for you with the cottage coming together, and glad things are going well. I’ve been enjoying your latest blog content, and look forward to more in the future. I’ve not really liked the snow, and we’ve had another snow day today too! It does look pretty though. I took my Nan for a meal yesterday and I’ve been baking this morning. Thanks for getting in touch earlier in the week, hope you have a nice weekend. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you Helen, I love writing these blog posts! Sounds like you had a good week, what were you baking? xxx


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