Recent Empties

Hi guys! Things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently as we have been busy moving into the cottage! More about that coming soon...
So, for now I thought I'd share a few of the products that I have used up recently and give you my thoughts on each of them.
Acorelle Fleur de Vanille EDP, £35/50ml
Vanilla is one of my favourite scents, so I knew I'd enjoy this perfume! It's certified organic and has a lovely warming vanilla scent. I love the bottle too!
JASON Powersmile Toothpaste, £5.49/170g
This is a regular re-purchase of mine as it's the closest I could find to mainstream toothpaste in terms of taste and texture. I'm actually going to be trying out a new toothpaste now that I've finished this one!
Eden Perfumes No.413 My Poison Girl, £18/30ml
I can't say whether or not this is a natural match for Poison Girl by Dior, as I've not tried that, but what I can say is that I love this perfume! It has a gorgeous scent - sweet and floral, but not overpowering. I was so sad to finish this, so I've ordered three mini scents to try out!
Madara Micellar Water, £14/100ml
I really enjoy this micellar water as I find it great at cleansing my skin, whilst not drying it out or irritating it. I think this was my second or third bottle!
Andalou Naturals Aloe + Willow Bark Pore Minimizer, £8.99/178ml
This pore minimising toner smells lovely as it contains peppermint! I love the concept of this brand, but this product didn't wow me.

Have you tried any of these products?
Emma xxx